Terms & Conditions

  • By logging to our Online Booking System through www.travelalots.com you acknowledge that you have accepted the Terms & Conditions of Ayava Tours.
  • It is the agent’s sole responsibility to make sure that all booking information given are correct. The agent shall bear full responsibility for any charges applied due to incorrect booking information.
  • In case of any price loading error which results in unrealistic booking value, AYAVA TOURS hold the rights to cancel any such bookings.
  • Ayava Tours is not liable for any loss of any kind caused by the action of any Hotel or any other service providers included in the www.travelalots.com inventory.
  • Most hotel properties request for a Credit-Card/Cash before check-in as a Safety Deposit in case of any extra charges which they will return before check out. AYAVA TOURS is not responsible in case the guest is charged additionally by the hotel.
  • Ayava Tours is NOT responsible for any damages or loss of goods that may have accrued during the stay or travel by the guests.
  • The agent shall bear full responsibility in case the guest acts or behave abnormally. If guest is found guilty for his/her action Ayava Tours has the right to disavow the guest.
  • If in any circumstance the guest gets injured or arrested Ayava Tours will not be responsible to the guest's actions.
  • Cancellation policy is mentioned in the booking page. These policies differ from property to property.

Tourism Dirham

  • Only for all UAE Hotels/Apartments there will be a Tourism Dirham fee which will be charged directly from the guests on Check-In.

Should you need any further assistance on the above, kindly contact your respective sales/account handler in Ayava Tours.

Ayava Team